Me & Me

While juxtaposing the past and present me,

I didn’t realize the way it took a toll on me.

How the always friendly, vocal, vivid and loud,

Succumbed to a focused, intellectual, ambitious cloud.

The cloud whose textures got murkier with every passing time,

Raising higher for the rest but getting gloomier for mine.


The present “intellectual” me is growing and focusing,

Being self contained, self centric and a little boring!!

Psychologists claim the loud ones to be the “usual” sorrow souls,

Masking the “GROWTH” by whitening the coal.

But this sophisticated me appeals to the major chunk,

As even they like the former me, but get impressed by the latter punk.


But then this is life and its human specific themes,

Which confuses the sane, pursuing a perfect dream.

The aim of growing and trying to get plastered,

With struggling talks and dying walks, whom once I mastered.

I guess and hope that this is time,

Inflicting all and grooming for our prime.


9 thoughts on “Me & Me

  1. Yes, following a set pattern, and behaving in a certain way is considered to be growth. But are we happy with our life? Maybe, we will be more happy if we unshackle the child in us.
    I have read few of your writings, and liked your style.

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