The List

The List Is Inevitable.


An immature always craves to be “IN” the list,

While a mature bends the mainstream and tends to be “ABOVE” the list.

But no matter how strong you try n avoid the list,

The infatuation enlists you, in a new fresh list,

CAUSE, the list is inevitable !!


Be it career, be it society be it religion,

The humans made this for the entire legion.

As the desire made its calling,

The list rose up, picking all and leaving none, like a trained pigeon.


But if….if one taps the conscience to call the judgement,

And makes his move against the movement,

Then is the time when one rises and creates the truest category of sorts,

And creates and not enrolls.

That is the real essence which joins one “IN” the list,


As that is that inevitable list !!

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