P & G

Population and Growth!!


While facing the crowded streets from my apartment window,

I got hooked with the patterns dictated in the government lingo.

Guidelines to avoid chaos and maintain a system,

forced on most for easing the process by purging the mayhem.


It felt good in its initial tiny frame,

giving way only to surface the thoughts of a bigger game.

What if the crowd was not a crowd but a handful few,

enjoying the freedom and the space too!!

The thought elevated me to a newer troth,

establishing the agreement between the population and the growth.

Image Source: http://www.pinterest.com



Humans have this inherent, escapist herd mentality,

To achieve the most with easiest available reality,

Curbing the uniqueness in the name of practicality,

and losing the shine under the regular regularity.

Hence places with less population, face less clichés and stereotypes,

Getting minimal adulteration in maintaining the original prototype.


A relative seclusion offers the chance to try the dare,

As there are always less sheep to confuse there.

The processes, aims, hopes, wishes and mentality,

kicks the virtues, agendas and the intent of wok and its SINCERITY.

Growing the diversity as the diversity of mind and kind,

was the last concluding thought before closing the window and settling the mind.

Image Source: http://www.pinterest.com



10 thoughts on “P & G

    1. I wish I figured out myself first, let alone the world and it’s creations. And it’s this quest to know thyself is what consumes me and takes me to places, in other words, I crave for travelling, which I somehow manage to do. And in regular days I try n steal time to jibber-jabber with friends on issues 🙂

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