The Left and The Right Part of the Brain

There is a constant surging war in me,

The war between the left and right part of me !!

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The in capabilities are often ignored as small and trivial,

Camouflaging the soul by mixing the real, unreal and surreal.

But it’s the unwanted urge to move up, which makes you naked,

breaks the cover and keeps you graded.


Hence I paid the cost by moving farther.

Exposing thyself by unveiling the flawed armour.

Forcing to enhance the productive sphere of my brain,

The strong headed and aggressive LEFT side of the brain.


But the core human expressed his grief with a discord,

With laziness, goofiness, love, joy and mistakes at his support.

Forming the more lively yet recluse side of my brain,

The lazy, careless, creative and stubborn, the RIGHT side of the brain.


Now it’s my turn to clear the fog,

And strike a balance to formulate the epilogue.

Time to segregate the conceptions from the misconceptions, and ride the progress as the Left side law,

Filling gaps to feel and breathe in between making space still, for the right side flaws.


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16 thoughts on “The Left and The Right Part of the Brain

  1. This post was banging!! I have studied that brain, both left and right, front and back, side, and other side. We are so blessed to have a brain. It’s still very novel how it works, but it does work for most people. Some of us are very Left, while the others of us are very Right.

    We together are not always sure just what’s going on. I wish it didn’t mean fighting within ourselves. Goodness me, there’s enough of that on the outside of us.

    You did such a wonderful job displaying the brain in your images and your abstract prose. I’m convinced that you love tickling the senses of your visitors.

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  2. Hi Vineet! Wow, I really love how you portrayed each side of the brain and the emotional tug of war we all go through in listening to each side. To make things even more complicated, when we throw in the heart, making a decision can sometimes become even harder πŸ˜‰ Great images you included too! Hope you’ve been good πŸ™‚

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