Darkness and Practicality

Creativity is what?


An outlet to inner thoughts, dilemmas and curiosities,

creating a path to dodge and conquer the “Atrocities”.

Life and time has never been oblivious to this urge,

but it’s only a few, who explore the abyss and instigate the surge.

Reaching all yet catering the restless many,

making them all assimilate the then avoided creativity.


The restless always halts, appreciates the artists and his art,

But the end drives them away, cautioned by the practicalities rather than the heart.

Demolishing the bridge to the hidden perspectives of the Dark !! 

ourmindfulness blogspot
Image Source: ourmindfulness.blogspot.com


Darkness — the best remedy since ages, to who wants a glimpse of their cages.

The blank canvas for the internal colors, the required push for the static scholar,

To think, create and recreate, stimulating the night crawler.


But humans are a manifestation of practicality.

Nobody is comforted by “darkness” as everyone wants tormenting by practicality.

Nobody lives in uncertainty of darkness, as everyone dies in the certainty of practicality.

Come. See. Appreciate. Get inspired and then dissolve in your own regular regularity,

leaving both the darkness and its art to strangle,

under the luminescence of reasoning and practicality.

Image Source: smashingmagazine.com



10 thoughts on “Darkness and Practicality

  1. Wow Vineet! Your thought processes are powerfully original. I’m so taken by your prose that I’m curious about your inspirations. I do enjoy abstract thought. Your images are way cool as well. They definitely work well with the imagery of your words.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for your kind words. It’s just the observations of the world around and the deep pathos which runs the human consciousness and segregates the human in us from the machine which we want to become, is what I try to project in my writings. Thanks again for the appreciation.

      Liked by 1 person

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