The Penultimate to the Ultimate


Life has this intrinsic tumult to grow and be creative.

And like all else, they too vary with the native.

The fabricated meanings spare none,

Be it a prince or a pauper or a nun.

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First the growth makes its impact,

Creates the necessity and makes you trapped.

Be it career, be it life, be it driving or just mere watching,

Be it in layers, or layer between layers. Growth pokes them all,

to improvise the important and the frivolous and the et al.


Then comes creativity, empowering the troth,

Fulfilling the desires, instigated by growth.

It releases a being, captured by growth,

getting in return the love and respects both.


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But not everyone is lucky to reach the end,

and achieve the glory with growth and creativity blend !!


It’s then the divine spoke to me,

With the adoration for the creation of thee.

The God and Godliness is the growth which you feel,

Once you become a parent, and inherit the zeal.

The then creativity, the kids, delivers the growth,

Which leaves you polished and matured.

A penultimate work of creation, devised by the supremacy,

to loose the end and feel the ULTIMATE SUPREMACY.


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