Split Personalities


My real self oscillates between situations,

Portraying a new blend when in duration.

It behaves differently with every different being,

Giving them shades, owing to the mutual well being.

The way I behave with my father, friends and foes,

Are all different, momentary yet in close juxtapose.


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 I know it’s obvious and unanimous for all,

Natural or maybe normal for all,

Varying only the extent and intent for all.

Creating a ridge in personalities,

Whom we most often call SPLIT PERSONALITIES !!


But what if it overcomes the sub conscious

And overshadows the conscious.

What if the split consumes the self and disturbs the order.

I guess it’s then it is called a — “DISORDER“.

It is then when the hidden fear of society and self emerges back again,

Time to check and recheck again.


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But then I held my horses and gave a hold.

Shouldn’t we tolerate or appreciate till the threshold?

Aren’t we as a self, change physically?

The cells, the body and the sense grow constantly?

Is not the interior and exterior die and regenerate

promoting the split as laws of nature to emulate.


A completely new mind and body is the way nature brings you up.

Preserving the life only in frames, as you grow up.

The frames which are retained in memory as memories of experiences?

Making us the same from the core, in spite of the constant external changes.


Hence the split is a need.

Wait for the threshold as it’s as important as the change indeed,

Hence I welcomed the change and got lured,

waiting for the growing and the matured.


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28 thoughts on “Split Personalities

  1. Nice piece of writing…and well presented.. No long sentences or paragraphs makes it a quick piece of reading… having context wise pics as illustrations is a good way to articulate the thought to the reader.

    Extra blank lines spaces should have been removed.
    All the best.

    Your Well Wisher Program

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