CHANGE….an escape to the split in HER!!

Change, a necessary mandate for every being,

in every aspect of their time and living.

HUMANS of all strata and understanding have known and faced it.

And so did she.

Hence she never intended to lighten up the lit.

rather focused on the process when that shift is clicked.

Comfort, Saturation, Growth, Success, Maturity and Evolution,

She saw the link grow clean.

All starting after previous, but only at a CHANGE indeed.


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She was settled in her self-made establishment once,

Thought and pursued her best to develop the comfort zones,

Guided by a daily evenly uneven mixture of experience and laziness.

But then time was cruel, and played as usual,

Bringing in a shit load of doubts, questions and ‘instead offs’.

Suddenly shifting the comfort in being just a suffocating saturation of sorts.

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Instead of this I should have done that,

instead of this I should have said that

instead of sitting like this I should have sat like that

instead of taking this route I should have taken that.


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She stops, thinks, gives a moment and then walks off.

Be it instead of words or instead of moves,

Be it instead of choosing a right partner or instead of behaving what with that partner,

Be it instead of a station or remembering the right way for her destination.

These constant play of instead of this …. that,

poked her after her every responsible or TRIVIAL judgement call.

The bigger and important made space in conscious,

while the rest were left and got piled up in her sub conscious.

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And like ever again, the flipside of the coin smiled back at her again,

Screaming at her, to move up to the next level AGAIN!!

Its then the biggest boon transforms to be a bane.

Makes her miserable and scream silently in pain.

The awareness of what and what not’s, didn’t changed shit!!

As now she was stuck in her own setup of once proud wit.

It became difficult now to break her nature, setup, and comfort,

Shifting only the blame from society, to parents, to colleagues, and then running back at them for support.

But no matter how many reasons and blames came and went,

Her head always failed to break the already set mundane,

creating only a fresh set off instead off’s in the end.

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But when the shackles broke and the change was made,

She became a bird.

A free bird whose entire setup, principles, friend circle and situations were whitewashed,

white washed to be a blank canvas altogether.

Now was the time for her accumulated instead offs and ideologies to reshape.

The entire wanting from conscious and subconscious to escape.

Like a free bird she flapped her wings the way she has been wanting to in the past.

It’s an escape, a FRESH NEW escape to be a new her with a blast.

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She knows even this will saturate once,

Even these new splits will fade off, with their new set of instead offs.

But then this is life and this is how she has grown.

Cherish and embrace the new phase,

till the saturation kills the chase.

Hence she enjoyed and unleashed the stored splits of her,

giving way, giving an escape AGAIN to the long due spilt of her.

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