Invention and Contamination


We live amidst insignias of development,

Passed by our predecessors to utilize the advancement.

Souvenirs invented in moments of need,

were evolved with time, by just paying heed.

Inventions devised out of need,

Striving for excellence over centuries and with every passing breed.

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But we live in weird times now,

Where the intent is ruled by only money and not Wow!!

As soon as the need meets its FIRST supposed end,

The purpose shakes and the greed shouts at intend.

Then the capitalist mind hits the sail,

Promoting compromise and bringing all for sale.

The first end becomes the last end then,

Flushing the purpose down the vent.

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But as soon as the world seems to collapse by this capitalistic mission.

The Zen introduces the variety, calling in COMPETITION!!

A tool to tame the untamed addiction,

By questioning the integrity and controlling the ambition.

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But I guess it’s the balance made by nature and gods,

To keep us engaged in solving the odds.

I wish the power to be with souls,

Who defeat the need for us – THE REGULAR DEPENDANT SOULS!!

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