I thought they meant something,

I thought they were the world.

They were the smiles, they were the hope.

They were the factors to drive the soul.

But one summer noon,

It all went in vain.

She made the decision and wiped all to go plain.

The love and affection succumbed to

The practicalities of life.

Crushing the dreams, making hopes go blind.

I knew I was incapable to bring her that dress,

Bring that tiara and keep her like a princess.

But what I knew, made her my world,

Made me live with those twinkling eyes,

making her my sun, moon, stars and that infinite sky.

My love and romance made her smile.

Made me blessed, with promises of divine.


But I know now that it’s all just poetic and nothing more.

All was kept for talking only to make it sore.

Life is hard and is dealt with logic.

Logic — was what she taught me while leaving.

Forcing me to be logical and keep the emotions only for weeping.

“I am not happy with you.”

“You want this as you love me, but I don’t”

Was what she said and left.

Naming me selfish, and leaving for ‘a better one.’

I am blocked now from her life,

Tapped only once she feels right.

What once made me feel precious and drove the soul,

Now just turned her face and asked me to walk alone.


But then I rely on time as the healer which it is.

Smiling and crying for the one, in the corners for relief.

Now What I get is the bits and traces of her,

Triggering the memory, with a distorted imagery of ‘US’.

I have tried re-arranging the pieces often,

Glue them with tears and change myself from the bottom.

But then insult was what waited for me,

Making me hapless with a thrashed self-esteem.

The tears are not valued the same anymore,

As now I have been replaced with someone more secure.

But no matter what is plugged when,

It always brings a dying promise with itself.

Asking how does it matters now,

As now it’s just an experience to miss and then walk alone.

Et tu Brute….. Et tu Brute!!

Not everyone is this fortunate to fulfill the promises and sit next to each other —TOGETHER!!

15 thoughts on “Promise….s!!

    1. Jennifer, I am glad you felt the emotions which I wanted to convey. But its just a dramatised version of how things go. The person who was with me was much more to me than this and yeaahh she was not like the person described in here. Its just for the readers. There will be a day…soon when I’ll write about her, of whatever I learned and felt with her. There is a much brighter side to the experience I had with her. I am just waiting for the time and emotions to do their magic and bring out what I have in head for her. 🙂

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      1. I maintain a journal. .. here are few lines

        Whatever conversations we had are words said in time
        Some time it hurts then it gets fine
        No matter how far I go
        It always takes me to those times
        Where there was happiness and pine

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