A Moment of a Regular Day

It was dusky, It was gloomy, It was becoming smoggishly loomy.

There was darkness, there was fear, loathing for the grief and sorrow of near and dear.

I was thrilled. I was anxious. I was grieving for the loss.

Failing to look away from her – ‘The misery of my life’ weeping and crying to get my life.

And then the momentary consciousness hits back again,

but not for my solace, rather to repeat the process again.

As the consciousness fades, it rewinds everything piece by piece.

Takes me again to that scary fall, going deep ……deep down the abyss inside.

The same old, same old dungeons call for the centipedes to crawl over me;

make me writhe in anguish and distress.

Making all dusky and gloomy, heading towards getting smoggisghly loomy.

Image Source: Pinterest

That was the state, when I was in my head.

But as soon as the momentary consciousness hits back again, the switch was clicked and the senses restored again.

The world immediately turned merrier, progressive and bright.

Pushing me from the black to the mundanely flaring fairy white.

But there was nothing to cheer up as it was yet another momentary lapse from the dark.

And as I waited helplessly to succumb back again,

my ever happy roommate grinded his teeth and groaned in pain.

People with constant pain know how to hide it, for the world, if not from thyself. And I, over the time, have acquired mastery over it.


I turned to him to be in the white space for a while with the cover of distraction this time.

The friend was in acute pain and despair.

His lanes were dusky and gloomy, ready to go smoggishly loomy.

I extended my cover and decided to be in light, be that friend in need to become the friend indeed.

And as he took me to his dreadful mental lanes, explaining all with constant flow over his face.

I went mute. I was aghast at his situation.

for the view where his creatures inflicted the unaccountable trauma over him.

I could see it. I could sense it. O’common I could feel it.



But being in the dark had given an edge to me over him.

I sat. I heard. I gave him time to sink in.

And then screamed……screamed calling out to his strength and will power.

Then smoothly asked his strength and will power to go and find out hope.

His strength and will power were smart; they not only brought hope, but also brought time with themselves.

Looking at all, the flow over the cheeks quickly dried off.

Yet the weariness made him fall asleep, with a calmness of a kid.

Once the work of the “friend indeed” got over,

I waited, waited to get sucked back into my own same old world of chaos.

But, this time, the consciousness instead broadened the space, analyzing the simultaneous deathly lanes of almost everyone around with a quick pace.

Every soul, every single soul, whom I knew, faced the same.

With their black opaque lanes ending at the barricades of uncertainty, acting lame.

Camouflaged brilliantly by their glowing, happy faces.

I could see it. I could sense it. O’common I could feel it.

Image Source: Pinterest

Post the analysis and a brief yet alert thought,

I often found the other’s lanes more spooky and terrible than my own.

With horrendous creatures and ugly tunnels of grief, sorrow and pain,

But like the habit, I pulled back from the lights of observance,

And sat and focused onto my own aloof space of problems.

And as I was sucked back —- to my surprise,

the same old, same old dungeons of frowns became progressive and bright,

turned to say ‘It’s OK’ sounding a little mundane all around.

The relativity made its mark again; enabled the hope turning all mild and sound.

I turned towards my window this time, looking at the infinite sky up and ahead.

There had been an outburst of color in the far off horizon.

I gazed at the magnanimity of the space ahead, felt the breeze from somewhere, bearing an amorous smile on the face.

The problems, issues n worries were still the same n weary,

But this time they were not that dusky and gloomy, and definitely not smoggishly loomy!!



6 thoughts on “A Moment of a Regular Day

  1. Vineet, this is so beautiful ❤ The way you described how you were grieving, then found the strength to help your friend in need was incredible. Just when you were feeling weak and defeated, you got up and lifted him too. Every single person in this life has something they are dealing with and sometimes more than one thing at a time while hiding behind a smile. The beauty of this struggle is how we are all connected to each other. Another beauty is that once you helped another, you also helped yourself because you felt good by being good. You found the goodness within you. It's such a beautiful story, I hope your friend is better, and you as well. Thank you for sharing 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

      1. That’s so inspiring Vineet, I really glad you found the valuable lesson in that story and then wrote about it 🙂 Always remember there’s someone worse off than us and helping them spreads happiness to all. 🙂


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