Once upon a time of Ethics and Logic!!

Once upon a time, there lived a legend. His execution earned him a class and style entitled a name – Ethics.

Ethics with his contemporaries – Morals and Principles, set out to conquer. He molded the transcendence and devised ways of living. His ways, his style, his rule established a balance, and were praised, respected and often called – Being Ethical.

But then evolution said I want to evolve and be diverse. And went and called Logic into the picture.


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Logic, unlike Ethics, had a more evolved and systematic personality. He knew his lineage, and hence politely made way for seniority.  Logic with logical and ethics with ethical proved to be long term heroes. Complementing the other, bringing in joy, peace and color!!

Evolution smiled from the corner of the ground, felt proud of her creations, working on more, awaiting hideously to get crowned. The hideousness called for diversification, making a few quick uncooked changes. Drawing a line, a blurry fine line, proving her haste to be an over rather than just a plain regular confidence.

But the drawing was late and the calling was made. The new member was introduced, which hopped in like an energetic bunny, whom people later called – MONEY.

Though money was the most junior in sense of existence, yet she came in existence in a much systematic ambiance. The stage was set.  The world was being ruled and run with ethics and logic, which gave her the vantage point to play more freely, unlike her seniors. Ethics and logic too were kind to her. They welcomed her with love, prime and prestige. And as the token of appreciation, she was allowed to work with them on the prime and supreme.

Image Courtsey: Pinterest.com


With time, the legacies of being ethical and being logical changed its shape but still remained the principles with the changing game.  Though money was young yet she was the most practical of the lot. Unlike her peers, she didn’t work with the execution grounds [humans], rather worked on them. And with time, she deduced the way to climb up and become immortal, with the help of who, none other than the brutal practicality.

The spotlight was on her, but still, she knew she can’t just rule alone. Hence she cleverly manipulated logic with the voodoo of practicality. Quickly the slow process was not slow anymore and quickly the world went upside down.  The rulership still maintained the same hierarchy. But what used to be Ethics then logic and then money, became Money, money and money.

Money made logic her minister but always went smiling with practicality. And sooner than soon, the world forgot the ways of ethics and logics. Not only killed their ways, but also washed off the blaze.

Ethics was left to become ‘No One’ from ‘The One’, left only to cry and scream near someone.

A few sometimes followed the path of ethics, morals and principles, letting the legend to breathe once again. But then are lured and feared immediately by money, practicality and logic only to laugh at the legend all over again.

The Legends were no more. The Legend is no more.

And till this day the ethics and logic go hand in hand, till money stares at logic, only to abandon ethics, maybe bully him at times.  Poor ethics picks up all her fallen legacies and slowly moves to the corner with his dull eyes. He looks at Money yelling at logic, standing on the execution grounds [humans], hoping evolution to move it’s wand once again.

Image Courtsey: Livelib.com

17 thoughts on “Once upon a time of Ethics and Logic!!

  1. Vineet, this is such an interesting and creative way to portray the world we live in and how money comes in and takes over, unfortunately. There are times when money is needed and there are times when money kills the magic of living. I really loved the lines “Money made logic her minister but always went smiling with practicality. And sooner than soon, the world forgot the ways of ethics and logics. Not only killed their ways, but also washed off the blaze.”

    Imagine living in a world that didn’t need money. Imagine how happy and less stressed we would all feel. Imagine how strong ethics, logic, morals and principles would be. You write so well, thank you for sharing your thoughts on this 🙂

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  2. Vineet! There seems to be a good sense of linearity in your writing. Don’t stop. Let the stream of words flow through and make this world a better place for those who claim themselves to be READAHOLICS or “avid readers” and furthermore LEAD by example(be it non-consistently)by keeping the words like yours written here !Alive!..somewhere beneath the layers of their mind!where many words exist!Unmeaningful though! in a hardwired human brain. Don’t stop. Don’t stop. Keep writing..Keep blogging..I Pray that Soon very Soon! the yet to be fortunate publishers will earn you!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Just following the footsteps Sirji, Just learning from people like you on how to fall and rise back again. Thank yo so much for your kind words. Its such an upboost. You are a source to learn a lot and like from the blog…..sooner than soon you’ll become the one who inspires not only from the kind of man you are but also from the work and show which you are about to unfold.


      1. You wonder sometimes how you evolve from a no man’s land to a room full of crafts.
        Good going vineet babu.


  3. Ethics and logic were symbol of loyalty to an organization or enterprise but the lure of profitability and generating more money left all the old bastions in shambles. Many a careers have been destroyed and organization collapsed because they stuck to the old buzz world. Good philosophical article of crass commercialization and competition.

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