Coming Back…..Home!! [Part -2]

[Continued from Part-1]

Two years have passed since the sons have left home. Now Kaka has stopped sitting in front of the rising sun. Instead, he kept himself busy. And when Ammaji once asked he said, “It’s a waste of time to sit and stare at the rising sun. Anyway, the work has increased since these three have left.” For some reason, Ammaji kept staring at Kaka when he said this.

But strangely, though he didn’t sit for long in the mornings, now it was the evenings where Kaka had found his solace. He will sit near the guava trees near the baagh’s edge at dusk admiring the purple clouds all over, ready to give way to the dark nights of the village. Even at night, he took his time now to doze off, unlike the previous times. At nights he could now hear the clear faint noises of some far off nautanki, whom he used to watch while growing up and whose sound went silent when he grew up. And with those mysterious sounds from his last remembered memory, Kaka, creating an imagery of a mystery land from his childhood will eventually fall asleep on his hand weaved cot.

Though Kaka was alone still he was a man of sheer will and stature. He continued managing the relatives, attending the functions religiously, more of a custom than choice, acres and acres of farmland, the cattle and the baagh. But maintaining all was getting more and more difficult even for him with every passing day.

And being the practical man he was, Kaka came up with a plan to get back his sons, at least one of them. All he needed for this was patience.

Any which way, it was a hidden fact to everyone that his sons, except the eldest one, until this day, took financial favors from him. It was only him, his wife and Laalta, the man who delivered the money to the sons, who knew of this. Kaka and Laalta were old associates. Laalta’s son got books at a wholesale rate from Delhi and sold to the lawyers of the local courthouse of Ahmednagar. While strolling in their Sanskrit paathshala in the evenings, Kaka always admired of Laalta’s son and never understood on why in spite of all the luxury and a well-built set up in here his sons ran to cities chasing a mirage of dreams. Probably the reason they gave to migrate was genuine, was always the end conclusion of a daily thought of Kaka.

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Kaka and his sons always had this discussion of how and when can they come back. Meanwhile, the third son became a father once again, all the way more reason for him to not come back.

Time and seasons went by and pertaining to the hardships, Kaka adopted a family of a Harijan named Manoogi as his household help. Suddenly the entire village, except Laalta, turned against Kaka for doing so. The people with whom Kaka grew up, his relatives, even the baniya and the sahukaars criticized and taunted him in almost all social gatherings. In fact, even Manoogi needed a lot of convincing from Kaka to agree to his offer. And this convincing had nothing to do with money or any such aid. It was only to make him understand that it’s ok for his family to live with Kaka’s.

Even Badke babu was against Kaka for such a step. But kaka was not only a man of stature but also a highly progressive man. He clearly knew that his sons have abandoned him. He knew he can’t run all this alone. And with government’s newer policies, it was difficult to even to get people of any caste to work. In fact, the entire village had turned into a big old age home, with mostly oldies left back home to look after god knows what. But ironically, his sons understood him and supported him with his decision. In fact, the first two agreed to split the complete expense of Manoogi’s family between them. Also, Ahmednagar had its first ATM by then.

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[To be Continued..]


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