The Shadow

It was still dark. I looked out. The entire Ashram was under the gray blanket of fog. I looked at the watch. It was 3:10am in the morning. It’s still an hour for the morning wake up bells. It was day two for me in the ashram. My entire room was filled with snores of […]

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    “Tomorrow is an important day P,” he said. “Or else why would I shave?”  Z murmured sadly. It was a scorching Sunday Noon and Z has to go to Mumbai from Pune, for his Visa interview. He was telling P on how important these coming days were. They both were sitting in P’s […]

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Sudha and her Mid Life Travel

Life has its unique way of teaching and introducing scenarios to us humans. We, humans, are a mere participator in her grand set up, with absolutely NO, to almost no control in the orchestration of events. And this is the realization that happened to Sudha Maurya, a middle-aged lady, a mother of two. She belongs […]

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US !!

The days were black these days for both. No matter how desperately they tried, every initiation always turned into an argument, an argument whose heat melted the joy of every next initiation by any. There was no subjective quantification of their issues. Both, Keith and Shikha, were always right in their interpretations of their actions. […]

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