Invention and Contamination

  We live amidst insignias of development, Passed by our predecessors to utilize the advancement. Souvenirs invented in moments of need, were evolved with time, by just paying heed. Inventions devised out of need, Striving for excellence over centuries and with every passing breed.   But we live in weird times now, Where the intent […]

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I placed the glass on the white marble table, near the white and red envelopes, took a deep puff of much needed fresh air, which was oozing out from the translucent meshed white muslin flying curtains. I didn’t exactly knew whether it was the booze, which forms my permanent diet now, or the heaviness felt […]

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The Dilemma

It was dusk. The purple clouds were all over all ready to give way to the dark musty nights of the village. The nights here are usually silent with clear faint noises of some far off distant stage program, nautanki, as the localities used to call them, which has always been there mysteriously since Hari’s […]

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