A Moment of a Regular Day

It was dusky, It was gloomy, It was becoming smoggishly loomy. There was darkness, there was fear, loathing for the grief and sorrow of near and dear. I was thrilled. I was anxious. I was grieving for the loss. Failing to look away from her – ‘The misery of my life’ weeping and crying to […]

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  I thought they meant something, I thought they were the world. They were the smiles, they were the hope. They were the factors to drive the soul. But one summer noon, It all went in vain. She made the decision and wiped all to go plain. The love and affection succumbed to The practicalities […]

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    “Tomorrow is an important day P,” he said. “Or else why would I shave?”  Z murmured sadly. It was a scorching Sunday Noon and Z has to go to Mumbai from Pune, for his Visa interview. He was telling P on how important these coming days were. They both were sitting in P’s […]

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Sudha and her Mid Life Travel

Life has its unique way of teaching and introducing scenarios to us humans. We, humans, are a mere participator in her grand set up, with absolutely NO, to almost no control in the orchestration of events. And this is the realization that happened to Sudha Maurya, a middle-aged lady, a mother of two. She belongs […]

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Darkness and Practicality

Creativity is what?   An outlet to inner thoughts, dilemmas and curiosities, creating a path to dodge and conquer the “Atrocities”. Life and time has never been oblivious to this urge, but it’s only a few, who explore the abyss and instigate the surge. Reaching all yet catering the restless many, making them all assimilate […]

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