Coming Back…..Home!! [Part -3]

[Continued from Part 2] Manoogi helped Kaka with everything, from fields to cattle rearing to taking Badke Babu to the hospital and other errands. His wife helped Ammaji with the household work. Initially, for a year Ammaji didn’t let her enter the kitchen, because of obvious reasons. But then one day in one winter she […]

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Coming Back…..Home!! [Part -1]

I have always been fascinated with the strength that will power can give to an individual. It’s amazing to see a standing, all supported by its sheer willpower. But gods forbid, if that standing, that foundation collapses by any chance, it brings down a structure, a framework and creates the most painful void. And that […]

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Marriage & Suicide

Marriage & Suicide Ritika Awasthi Have you ever felt that you are completely alone and helpless in this world? Have you ever felt cheated or cornered or simply thrown out of an establishment? If the above questions trigger or touch a chord in you or even remotely make you think of your identity and its […]

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Chashma [Glasses] [Part -3]

[Continued from Part -2] Its been a week since that dreadful day when the glasses were brought to the house. Since then a lot of schedule changes have happened for Hari. He has stopped going out, stopped playing video games, stopped talking to anyone in the house, stopped smiling and stopped competing with her grandmother. […]

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Chashma [Glasses] – [Part 2]

[Continued from Part – 1] This was the daily’s routine. This happened without a break. Everyone was quite submerged in the process and knew whom and what of the schedule.  In the night when the Father is back, everyone will sit and have dinner together. And as it was vacation time, the house had the […]

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Chashma [Glasses]

In 90’s Saarangpur, lived a family of five. It’s a story of an era when the roads used to be more open and evenings less crowded. The noons were drowsy and night dark and quiet. It was a railway colony with lush green farmlands behind the house. It was an old locality, with brick laid […]

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